Meeting Room

Meeting room available for public use
  • Requests for reservation of the meeting room in the basement of Library should be made to the Library Director or assistant.
  • The Library reserves the right to approve or deny requests for use of the rooms (adopted 6/13)
  • No smoking, no drugs and no alcohol are allowed on library grounds. (updated 6/13)
  • Individuals using the room are responsible for the supervision of children in attendance.  Recommend at least 2 Adults.  1 for every 10 children is present to present to supervise the group and its activities. (adopted 6/13)
  • Sponsoring groups are responsible for exercising reasonable care in their use.
  • Arrangements for securing and returning the key and locking the door must be made with the Library Director.
  • Party making the reservation is responsible for bring their own cleaning supplies and dispose all of your own trash. (adopted 6/13) 
  • Party making the reservation is responsible for clean-up following use and will be held responsible for any damage to the building or equipment.
  • All party or meeting must end by 10:00 P.M. (adopted 6/13)
  • Party must sign a written rental agreement at the time of picking up the key.
  • Charges for the meeting room shall be $25.00 cash per session along with a $50.00 check deposit payable in advance. Deposit will be refunded if meeting room is cleaned up and left like they found it.
  • Groups meeting for more than one time may negotiate with the Library Director, and fees determined with the sanction of the Board.
  • Any individual or group who fails to abide by these provisions may be denied future use of the meeting room. (adopted 6/13)
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